6 thoughts on “Where now

    • Hey Alessandro,
      Thanks for your message!
      The China-Kyrgyzstan border crossing is a tough one. There is actually a no man’s land of 100km or so in China before you can actually cross to Kyrgyzstan. You need to make sure you get your passport stamped in Wuqia (Ulugqat in Uighur) and your transport arranged there to go through the no man’s land. There is no road block or anything so avoid doing like us (cycle 50km through the no man’s land and be told to head back to Wuqia) and instead head directly to the border post in Wuqia. For all Central Asian info we can recommend you visit http://www.caravanistan.com, they have very useful and updated info.
      For the Iranian visa, you must go through an agency. There are several you can use. We used Key2Persia and they were relatively fast and reliable.
      Good luck with your travels!
      O & M.

      • Good luck again from all at Northbourne Park School. The children in the Pre-Prep and the Prep School loved the video and are thinking through ideas to raise money…’sponsored smiles’, ‘tricycle races'( in the Pre-Prep of course!) and we are thinking of dedicating a whole Operation Smile Day to raising money for this excellent cause. Thanks Oli and Matthieu for taking the time to talk to us directly. It was such a thrill. Work those legs!
        Love from all at Northbourne Park School, the school for future adventurers!

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