We have been lucky enough to work with some great brands. Thank you great people. You are the best.

LKLM loaded


LKLM is a new brand of bicycle specialising in long-distance expedition touring bikes. Made from Reynolds 520 Chrom-moly steel and using the best Shimano components. The bikes are equipped with specialist pannier bags from their LKLM sister brand Krangear, designed to protect essential gear in the most rugged and harsh weather environments.

Other than the Road of Smiles team, LKLM sponsor a team of scientists that use their bicycle to conduct remote environmental research across the Tibetan Plateau.

For more details or for information on non-China retail please contact roadofsmiles@gmail.com

Bofferding logo

A real beer brewed in Luxembourg since 1764.


EcotecWorld is a leading energy solutions company dedicated to providing environmentally friendly products. We are working with them to test a solar-panel powered battery capable of charging all needs of adventure travel whilst keeping connected. The device is capable of charging anything from a phone or GPS (5v) to a MacBookAir (14v).



Wrangler rope logo (latest)



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