Jia You

Jia You = a popular chinese phrase shouted at people exerting effort, either physical or mental, aimed at encouraging them to continue.  The literal translation is “more gas”. So here, we invite people to give us some words of encouragement – something for us to look at when we’ve had a nine hour day riding up a mountain, in the driving snow, whilst battling the squits, and some of the world’s worst drivers. Jia You!!

4 thoughts on “Jia You

  1. Dear Oli, I recently come across to the link to your amazing adventure and have enjoyed the reading about your travels. Having just come back from an unexpected road trip to my ancestral lands and having been reminded of memories from many moons ago in some of the places you will be passing by, I will follow the next leg of your trip with nostalgia. Here is a link to the Balkan version of jia you for added energy on your journey. Best of luck to you and Mathieu, Gorana


  2. Jia You Matthieu and Oli! What you’re doing is extraordinary! I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures on the way to London. I wish you the best and I’m very proud of my brother Matthieu!
    Personal message from your nephews : “could you bring us a football shirt from Tajikistan?” (I said no. No need to add extra weight).
    Enjoy every step of the way!!!!! Jia You! Jia You! Jia You!

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