Oli Goulden

Oli kid picture

At 6 months I broke my leg crawling off the kitchen table.
At 5 my family shipped out to live in India with the British Army.
At 9 I got into trouble at school for riding my bike 10 miles at break-time (down a dual carriage-way, the wrong way).
At 17 I was selected to play for London & South-East England at rugby.
At 22 I was selected from 1,200 people to begin work at one of the world’s most famous advertising agencies.
At 27 I packed a suitcase and headed to Shanghai with Ogilvy because China was the country I knew least about in the world.
At 29 I was named “Young Suit of the Year” by Ogilvy APAC and travelled through Burma, Kashmir and Inner Mongolia.

Matthieu Liard

Matt Pic 6yo bike

At 9 I received an earth globe for Christmas and learnt all of the world’s capital cities by heart.
At 12 I won a gold medal in the French national school drama competition.
At 21 I flew to Peru to do accounting work for an association of lime producers.
At 23 I graduated from HEC Paris and CEMS, packed my suitcase and left for China.
At 24 I co-founded an online marketing and luxury e-commerce company in Shanghai delivering to more than 300 cities in China.
At 27 I conducted my first cognac tasting in Mandarin in Datong, Shanxi, China.
At 28 I met Oli. I tried to teach him about fine wine but he was only interested in warm beer.

2 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. Hey guys – I’m giving a similar mission serious thought. Last year I cycled across Europe and it has whet the appetite! Where are you based these days? Would love to buy you a beer and have a chat!

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