Road of Smiles Animated Film

A good friend and very talented young man called Eno Jin created this little film to capture the overall trip:

If we couldn’t smile we would not be the people we are today.  In some ways we are defined by our smiles and both regularly use this as our weapon of choice to disarm, woo or blag our way to greater gains. For us, to be without a smile would be like a bee without a sting, a lion without a roar or a pig that couldn’t be made into a bacon sarnie. There are so many good causes out there and lots that we have personal connections to in one way or another. However, for this expedition we want to help kids smile for the first time so that they too are empowered by the most effective social artillery of them all.

We chose Operation Smile because they have a global outlook and also an established history working in China. Having both spent a considerable amount of time living here, both of us feel we want to give something back to the society in which we have been a part of. Our plan is to raise awareness and funds through the trip as we help out at two mission sites, one of which is in Zhengzhou where we are as we write this.

We are also trying to raise enough money to pay for 100 kids to have the surgery. If you would like to donate please visit our fundraising page or simply spread the smiles by sharing this page to all your friends.

To find out more about Operation Smile’s work globally, see the following video

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